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Enterprise Architect - Business Architect - Process reengineering - Organizations and Information systems audit - Define project and program scope - Conduct projects

Support and facilitate IT and organisational changes

​We support small and mid-size companies as well as large groups in their transformation and the alignment of their organisations and information systems.

Motivations for adapting the organisation or the information system:

  • The inefficiency of the organisation and information system

  • Acknowledgement of the excessive costs of the information system, the unsuitability of the information system for the company's needs

  • Needs to transform operational processes and working methods

  • Make the full organisation agile

  • Respond to new customer expectations, launch a new business model

  • Dealing with functional and technological obsolescence

  • Decision to disengage from certain unsustainable operational activities

  • Complex situations of buy-in or sale of activities


We diagnose the current situation and propose improvements or suggestions for transformation.

We support companies in their Information System and business transformation projects.
We provide methodological support in the implementation of enterprise architecture, business architecture (capability, value chain) and process mapping.
At your request, we provide training on these various subjects.

We commit ourself to transfer all the know-how to your organisation or to a third party.

We want to work with you to drive change. The only way to create a long-term partnership is to demonstrate our expertise and ability to put it to work for the benefit of our clients every day.

Contact us!

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